The factory

Fair manufacturing
with European Standards

We use European technology and high quality material because our goal is to offer top quality products for our clients.

What makes our company unique is that we are against the idea of producing low quality products in Asia. We oppose to the system of slave conditions for the workers that enables the reduction of costs and increases profits.

All our products are 100 % MADE IN EUROPE, " It makes a difference!"
Our Fair Fashion are printed on cotton fabrics with environmentally friendly inks, dyes and without toxins in the production and every detail from start to finish represents our High-Quality European Standards and environment-friendly manufacturing to produce the finest and most comfortable products.

The KS-1 client is someone who demands on good design, comfort and permanence that our products guarantee on the street or in extreme competition.

The man who chooses our brand is someone who values the quality of clothes that he wears.